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Nebraska East of Hwy 281 (Dry) Per Acre
Nebraska West of Highway 281 (Wet) Per Acre

Nebraska Deer Cover Native Grass Mix

When ordering, please place order in amount of desired acres of coverage.

These unique blends of native warm season grasses, legumes and wildflowers have been specifically designed by wildlife biologists and agronomists to meet the deer’s four greatest cover needs – bedding cover, escape cover, thermal cover and fawning cover.  Each blend is specifically designed for unique geographic locations and soil types.  Choose the blend that best fits your situation.

Well Drained Soil (DRY) - East of Highway 281: 25% Big Bluestem, 5%  Little Bluestem, 3% Green Needle Grass, 18%  Indiangrass, 8% Side Oats Grama, 20% Switchgrass, 10% Eastern Gama , 3% Sand Dropseed, 5% Canada Wildrye, 5% Virginia Wildrye

Poorly Drained Soil (WET) - East of Highway 281: 24% Big Bluestem, 6% Little Bluestem, 9%  Indiangrass, 35% Switchgrass, 6% Eastern Gama, 3% Sand Dropseed, 6% Canada Wildrye, 12%  Virginia Wildrye