Variety :
Jerry, Morton, Ogle

Planting Rate :
64 to 90 lbs acre

Plant Height :
3' to 5'

Seed Count :
15,000 Seed/lb

Package Type


50 LB Bag

Standard Oats

Oats are a cool season grass that is fast growing and productive when planted in either the spring and late summer or fall.  Planting can occur from mid to late August through October in the fall, with growth at a peak in September.  This makes mid to late August the ideal planting time for fall oats, but September or October planting can still provide light grazing, soil holding, and cover through the winter.  Forage quality is very high with the lush green plants, but even mature or frozen oat forage, quality remains.  Oats are most tolerate of all cereals on acid and/or water-logged soils.  Spring plantings can occur in February through April and grain maturity would occur in late June.  Forage quality and oat hay yield is maximized with harvest in the boot stage.