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Call 800-782-7311 for availability and pricing.


Shines Seeds Like Marbles!

Just a little dash of PIXY™ shines seed with a fancy appearance and smooth flowing characteristic. A dry powdered product, PIXY™ is designed to be applied following the liquid seed treat application. PIXY™ rates can be adjusted to achieve a wide range of seed lubrication and cosmetic performance.

PIXY is Available in the Following Package Sizes…

4 x 5 lb. case When applied at a typical use rate of 0.50 oz/100 lbs., each 5 lb. bag in the case treats 320 50 lb. units of seed; each case treats 1,280 units.

50 lb. case Treats 3200 50 lb. units of seed when Pixy is applied at 0.50 oz/100 lbs of seed.