Planting Rate :
3-5 PLS lbs/ac

Life Cycle :
Perennial/Annual Mix

Pollinator Value :

Package Type


Pure Live Seed LB

Big 12 Wildflower Mix

The "Big 12 Mix" is composed of 12 native wildflower species that are both easy to grow and highly showy.  Containing long lived perennials and reseeding annuals, this mix will provide many years of beautiful flowers with very little maintenance. Winter or early spring is the optimum time to plant this mix at a rate of 3-5 PLS lbs/acre. Shallow planting into a firm, weed free seed bed are recommended. During the first year of growth, weeds are the leading cause of stand failure. During this time, weeds can be controlled by mowing at a height of 6-8 inches.


This mix contains the flollowing species:


Maximilian Sunflower

Blackeyed Susan

Lanceleaf Coreopsis

Illinois Bundleflower

Partridge Pea

Plains Coreopsis

Butterfly Milkweed

Purple Prairie Clover


Purple Coneflower

Clasping Coneflower

Upright Prairie Coneflower