Image Source : Haddock, Michael John. Wildflowers and Grasses of Kansas. University Press of Kansas, 2005.

Botanical Name :
Elymus canadensis

Planting Rate :
Drilled: 10 to 12 PLS lbs/acre

Seed Count :

Package Type


Pure Live Seed LB

Wildrye, Canada

Canada Wildrye is a cool-season, native bunchgrass that prefers moist sites. It is easy to establish and is great for early spring ground cover.

AREA OF ADAPTATION: Canada Wildrye is widely distributed in the United States, especially in the Great Plains, Intermountain region and the Pacific Northwest. It can be found along ditches, stream banks and in prairies It will grow in moist or dry, sandy or rocky soils.

MANAGEMENT: It should be cut in its boot stage for best quality hay. It has fair palatability. It isn’t very competitive in mixtures.