Image Source : Patrick J. Alexander @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Botanical Name :
Agropyron intermedium var. trichophorum

Planting Rate :
7 to 11 PLS

Seed Count :
90,000 per lb.

Package Type


Pure Live Seed LB

Wheatgrass, Pubescent

Pubescent Wheatgrass is a long-lived, cool-season perennial grass. It is a sod-former and spread by underground roots.

AREA OF ADAPTATION: It is adapted to and used in the same areas as Intermediate Wheatgrass. It is slightly more drought, heat, and salt tolerant than intermediate, but somewhat less palatable. It is considered to have better stand ratings and persistence in sagebrush and pinon-juniper areas.

PLANTING: Drill seed no more than 1 inch deep at a rate of 7 to 11 PLS per acre. Planting dates depend on the climate of the area and would be the same as other cool-season species in the area.