Botanical Name :
Alopecurus arundinaceus

Planting Rate :
1 1/2 to 3 PLS lbs/acre

Seed Count :
750,000 per lb.

Package Type


Pure Live Seed LB

Garrison Creeping Foxtail

Garrison Creeping Foxtail is a long-lived, sod-forming grass. It resembles common Meadow Foxtail, but has more vigorous rhizomes and broader leaves. It’s seed is black at maturity and it’s spikelets fall away easily. This makes seed harvest somewhat difficult.

AREA OF ADAPTATION: This plant is well-adapted to wetland sites in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, North Great Plains, Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain Region. It is adapted to wet soil, sub-irrigated sites or high mountain meadows. It grows rapidly in hot or cool weather and forage production is very high, nutritious, palatable and relished by all classes of livestock.