Variety :
Mother's Earth Covers

Planting Rate :
One 4 lb bag per 4000 square feet

Package Type


4 LB Bag

Summer Herbiseed

Summer Herbi-Seed is a blend of two highly competitive plants (buckwheat and sorghum-sudangrass) that can act as smother crops and aid in controlling both annual and tough-to-control perennial weeds like bindweed. Summer Herbiseed should be planted in late spring after all danger of frost is passed, into a weed free seedbed. Optimum soil temperature is 60 degrees F or higher. Optimum planting depth is about 1 inch. When the buckwheat begins to bloom, it is desirable to mow this mixture at about a 6 inch height to prevent seed formation. This should remove most annual weeds and knock back the perennial weeds. The sorghum- sudangrass will regrow rapidly, excluding sunlight from reaching any regrowth of perennial weeds. The sorghum-sudan can be mowed as often as necessary to prevent seed formation.

This mixture will die naturally with fall frosts. In addition to its value for weed control, Summer Herbi-seed has beneficial effects on the soil. Buckwheat has root exudates that improve phosphorus availability in the soil, while sorghum-sudangrass is excellent for adding soil organic matter. Sorghum-sudangrass can have a depressing effect on soil nitrogen due to its luxuriant production of residue. While adding this large amount of carbon to the soil is highly desirable in the long term, it can reduce yields of the next crop by reducing nitrogen availability, unless the next crop is a legume that can make its own nitrogen (peas, beans) in which case the low nitrogen availability provides weed control. For non-legume crops, this can be managed by application of additional nitrogen (from commercial fertilizer, blood meal, manure, lawn clippings, etc) or by planting a winter legume cover crop (such as Cool Njection) in the fall. Placement of these fertility sources where only the desired plants can get to it (in rows or hills) can provide additional weed control the following season, especially if the sorghum-sudan mulch is left on the soil surface.

 Download the Summer Herbi-Seed Cover Crop Information Sheet Here