Planting Rate :
One 4 lb bag treats 4,000 square feet

Package Type


4 LB Bag

N-Jection (cool)

Cool Season

Cool N-jection is a blend of cool-season legumes designed to produce nitrogen fertility during the fall, winter and spring periods in between summer crops. It should preferably be planted 60 days prior to average first frost in fall, but can be successful planted as late as 30 days prior to average first frost. Optimum planting depth is around ½ inch. Be sure to coat the seed with the inoculant powder contained in the bag. These are the live bacteria that actually do the nitrogen production on the plant roots. The inoculant bacteria are living organisms that need protected from heat, sunlight, and drying out. Once the inoculant package is opened, the seed should be immediately coated and planted as soon as possible. Most of the plants in Cool Njection will overwinter and require termination in the spring. Optimum termination time is when the plants begin to bloom.

Download the Cool N-Jection Cover Crop Information Sheet Here