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Mycorrhizal Fungi

The Good Fungi

Mycorrhizae is a beneficial partnership between a plant and its root fungus. These fungi colonize living roots and extend far into our soil. Mycorrhizai fungi are extensions of root systems and are more effective in nutrient and water intake than the roots themselves.  Over 90% of plant species in nature form a symbiotic relationship with the mycorrhizal fungi.

Mycorrhizal fungi increase the surface absorbing area of roots up to 1000 times, greatly improving the ability of the plant to take in soil resources.  Miles of fungal fibers can be present in less than a teaspoon of soil.  Mycorrhizal fungi increase uptake not only by the surface absorbing are of the root, but also release enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard to scavenge nutrients, such as nitrogen phosphorus, and iron.  This process is important in plan health and explains why plants lacking mycorrhizal require high levels of fertility to maintain their health. 

Tillage, removal of topsoil, erosion, competition fumigation, weeds and fallow soil can reduce or eliminate beneficial soil fungi. Reintroducing mycorrhizal fungi in areas where they have been lost can dramatically improve the performance of plant life with much less water, fertilizer and cost.

Mycorrhizal Fungi is easy to apply and requires no special equipment. The goal is to create physical contact between the mycorrhizal inoculant and the plant root or seed being planted. Mycorrhizal inoculant can be sprinkled into roots during planting, worked into seed beds, blended into potting soil, “watered in” by existing irrigation systems, applied as a root dip gel or probed into the root zone of existing plants. The type of application depends on the conditions and need of the applicator.

 Download the Mycorrhizal Fungi Information Sheet Here