Planting Rate :
10# / 1000 sq ft.

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K-31 Fescue

K-31 Fescue is widely adapted, easy to establish and long lived under harsh conditions and mistreatment. The broad flat leaves are smooth and shiny on the underside with pronounced ribs on the upper surface. The stems are 3-4 feet tall supporting a nodding panicle that is 4 to 12 inches long.

ADAPTATION: Fescue is adapted to cool and humid climates and most soil with a ph of 5.5 to 7.0. It will grow fairly well on soils low in fertility but does better with fertile conditions. Will produce top growth when soils are as cold as 40°F and continues to grow into late fall.

ESTABLISHMENT: Fescue is easy to establish due to its rapid germination. It may be planted by any common method such as grass seeders, hydro seeding, and broadcasting. The seeding depth is ½ inch.

MANAGEMENT: Fescue can be grown with white or clover and alfalfa. First cutting for hay should be at the late boot stage with further cuttings as regrowth allows. When used for turf, mowing height should be 2-3”. Mow frequently enough so no more than 1/3 of the total leaf surface area is removed. Disease control measures may be needed depending on conditions during the growing season.