Variety :
Star Seed

Planting Rate :
15 to 25 lbs/acre

Plant Height :
3-4 ft.

Maturity :
45-60 days to mid bloom

Seed Count :
142,800 seeds/lbs

Package Type


50 LB Bag

Japanese Millet


Japanese millet (Echinochloa frumentacea) is a higher yielding of forage than foxtail (German) millet and much higher yielding than proso millet, but not as high yielding as pearl millet or sorghum-sudangrass. Forage quality is similar to foxtail or pearl millet. it is very early maturing, able to produce seed in 60 days and has high seed yield. it is perhaps the most tolerant summer annual forage grass to flooded or wet conditions, making it a favorite plant to use in plantings for waterfowel.

Maturity: 45-60 Days to boot

Seed Size: 142,800 seeds/lb.

Planting Rate: 15-25lbs/acre