Botanical Name :
Brachytic Dward BMR Sorghum Sudan

Planting Rate :
12-20 lbs drilled

Plant Height :
5-6 ft

Seed Count :

Bloom Period :

Package Type


50 LB Bag

Hybrid Sorghum Sudangrass; BRUISER

Bruiser is brachytic dwarf BMR sorghum-sudan that overcomes many of the difficulties of grazing or haying older tall varieties. Brachytic Dwarf means a dwarf that has shortened stems but additional leaves, so quality is enhanced without sacrificing yield. During grazing, outdated tall genetics often outgrow the reach of livestock, and turn into "palm trees" with a lot of stem, a few leaves left at the very top of the plant, and no regrowth. Bruiser has very low growing points that insure rapid and abundant regrowth after swathing or grazing, with all the leaves accessible to livestock, while BMR genetics make this plant very palatable and nutritious.