Variety :
Star Seed

Planting Rate :
5 to 12 lbs/acre

Plant Height :
6-8 ft

Maturity :
85-90 days to mid bloom

Seed Count :
15,500 seeds/lb

Package Type


50 LB Bag

Hybrid Forage Sorghum; PACKER HGY

Packer HGY is an outstanding conventional  forage hybrid with great palatability, utilization, milk production, weaning weights, and increased daily gains. Packer HGY produces heavy grain which makes it best suited to feedlots or background operations. Packer HGY is a premium product that is preferred by top producers and a top silage producer in the Texas Forage trials.Packer HGY is typically not used for summer grazing, giving way to sorghum-sudan hybrids which have better regrowth.