Variety :
Star Seed

Planting Rate :
14 to 24 lbs/acre

Yield :
16-20 tons per acre

Plant Height :
6-9 ft.

Maturity :
75 days to mid bloom – 100 day maturity

Seed Count :
14-16,000 seeds/lb.

Package Type


50 LB Bag

Hybrid BMR Forage Sorghum; MAGNUM ULTRA

Forage Sorghum Magnum Ultra is a forage hybrid with the added BMR Trait. The added BMR trait will enhance the quality of convertional hybrid while also getting the increased palatability, utilization, milk production, weaning weights, and increased daily gains. Magnum Ultra produces no grain unless pollinated by another forage, so the nutrients remain in the leaves and stalk maximizing quality. Magnum Ultra is a premium product that is preferred by top producers.

GRAZING:Magnum Ultra is typically not used for summer grazing, giving way to sorghum-sudan hybrids which have better regrowth, but it can be grazed.  The greater palability of Magnum Ultra BMR is largely due to the nutrients stay in the stalk and leaves. Begin grazing around 36". Divide grazing area and rotate when plants are grazed down to around 8".

HAYING: May be cut anytime after it reaches 48" but maximum quality is between 48 to 60 inces high.

SILAGE: Chop when whole plant moisture is at 70%

Please note that all Magnum and Magnum Ultra product orders will be fullfilled as 80% LDP eligible (with a pollinator mixed in) product unless otherwise specifically ordered as male sterile. Male sterile product is available at the same price, but should be ordered early to assure availability at planting.