Botanical Name :
Trifolium repens

Planting Rate :
1-2 lb/1000 sq ft lawns

Plant Height :
2 to 8 inches

Life Cycle :

Environment :
- Full Sun

Preferred Sites :
- Upland/Grassland - Disturbed

Bloom Period :

Flower Color :

Package Type


bulk LB
5 LB Bag
10 LB Bag
50 LB Bag

Clover, White Dutch

White clover is a very important legume in pastures that is highly palatabl and nutritious forage for all livestock. White clover is commonly planted with orchardgrass, ryegrass, or tall fescue. „Ladino‟ planted with orchardgrass produces the premier forage combination for intensive grazing systems in the Northeast. „Ladino‟ grows tall enough to be harvested for hay, silage, and green chop. Common white clover seldom grows tall enough to be harvested for hay or silage.  White clover is a choice food for deer.

Honeybees and Grass seedings both benefit from white dutch clover as it provides a great nectar source for honeybees and provides nitrogen for the grass.  Solid stands of white clover form a good erosion controlling cover on moist fertile soils, but stands may be sparse or spotty on dry sites.