Image Source : Oregon State Forage Information System

Botanical Name :
Trifolium alexandrinum

Planting Rate :
10-12 lb acre

Yield :
2 to 4 tons/ac

Plant Height :
20-30 inches

Seed Count :
160,000 per lb

Package Type


bulk LB
5 LB Bag
10 LB Bag
50 LB Bag

Clover, Berseem

Berseem clover is an annual forage legume suitable for hay, green chip, or as a green manure soil improvement crop. Berseem clover also makes an excellent cover crop. It looks a great deal like alfalfa, very similar in quality, with a reported crude protein content of 18 to 28 percent. The flower of Berseem clover is yellowish-white in color.

Growth Habits

  • It should be harvested when it is about 15 inches tall • Leave a stubble of at least 3 inches
  • Need to harvest before it blooms for maximum yields
  • Re-growth will be somewhat limited if it is cut after it has completed blooming
  • Excellent grazing for young livestock because of its high protein
  • Also excellent grazing forage for September/October period
  • Livestock must eat the Berseem clover fast enough so it isn’t allowed to bloom, or re-growth will be limited
  • Berseem Clover is not supposed to cause bloat
  • Fixes up to 100 pounds of Nitrogen per acre
  • Improves soil conditions when used as a green manure
  • 20-15# per acre, with Oats (3.5 bushel per acre)
  • 10-20# per acre into thinning alfalfa fields
  • Plant very early in the spring for maximum production