Botanical Name :
Trifolium hybridum

Planting Rate :
3-5 lb acre

Seed Count :
700,000 per lb.

Life Cycle :

Environment :
- Full Sun - Partial Sun

Bloom Period :

Flower Color :

Package Type


bulk LB
5 LB Bag
10 LB Bag
50 LB Bag

Clover, Alsike

Alsike clover is a perennial or biennial native to Europe. It has prostrate to ascending stems with pink and white blossoms in round heads. Alsike clover is tolerant of acid and base-reacting soils and wet sites. Uses include wet meadow pastures and other wet sites.

Drill or broadcast seed 0.6 to 1.3 cm (1/4 to 1/2 inch) deep. Inoculate seed prior to planting to induce nitrogen-fixation. Plantings should be made in spring or late fall in cooler climates, late summer in warmer or southern climates.

A tolerance to acid & alkaline / wet soil