Variety :
Star Seed

Planting Rate :
15 to 25 lb/acre

Plant Height :
2-3 ft.

Maturity :
40-60 days to mid bloom

Seed Count :
165,000 seeds/lb

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Call 800-782-7311 for availability and pricing.

Foxtail Millet

Rapid drying single cut hay.

Foxtail millet is rapid growing but matures early, which limits its yield potential to less than pearl millet or sorghum-sudangrass. The forage cures rapidly after swathing due to its naturally fine stems, making it very easy to put up as dry hay. It has poor regrowth, making it best suited as a one cut, short term hay crop. Foxtail millets should not be fed to horses, as it can cause joint problems.  German R Strain is a relatively early, fine-stemmed, leafy millet with compact heads in a cylindrical shape. The spines of the heads are usually reddish-purple in the early stage, but more straw-colored at maturity. This variety has good seedling vigor and is resistant to lodging however it has little resistance to drought.

MATURITY: 45-60 Days to boot.
SEED SIZE: 165,000 seeds/lb.
PLANTING RATE: 15-25 lbs/acre